350 Central Mass is a local affiliate of 350.org. We are an all-volunteer grassroots organization and part of a network of other like-minded organizations fighting the climate crisis.  


Normally we meet regularly in person, but until the Coronavirus pandemic ends, we are meeting virtually online. For details, contact Janet at  janetqcason@verizon.net.


350 Central Mass volunteers decide on the campaigns we would like to work on and support the larger national and global campaigns of 350.org and other environmental organizations. 

350 Central Mass is also an affiliate of 350 Mass for a Better Future. 

Together We Resist, We Build, We Rise! 

Media Contact:

Ken McDonnell






WHY 350? 

350 parts per million (ppm) of Carbon Dioxide is the maximum greenhouse gas concentration in the atmosphere that gives us a chance to avoid catastrophic, runaway climate change. 

When the industrial revolution began in 1750, the concentration was less than 280 ppm; as of March 2017, it's 407 ppm. 

It needs to be brought down below the 350 target without delay.