350 Central Mass is a local affiliate of 350.org. We are an

all-volunteer grassroots organization and part of a network of other like-minded organizations combating the climate crisis. 350 Central Mass is also an affiliate of 350 Mass for a Better Future. 


Normally we meet regularly in person, but out of caution during the COVID pandemic, we are meeting virtually. For details, contact Janet at  janetqcason@verizon.net.


350 Central Mass volunteers decide on the campaigns we would like to work on. We support local, national, and global campaigns of 350.org and other environmental organizations. 

Our Mission

  • Work locally, nationally, and globally to ensure a livable planet free of all fossil-fuels.

  • Promote climate justice for all people.  

Our Principles

  • Eliminate the use of all fossil fuels and fossil-fuel infrastructure.

  • Promote a just and sustainable future for all, with special attention to economically marginalized communities, people of color, and Indigenous peoples, who have historically been most at risk from exposure to fossil-fuel infrastructure, such as power plants, oil refineries, pipelines, etc. 

Examples of our Current Work

  • Advocate for legislation and policies to create a 100% renewable electric grid, and build public facilities that are climate-friendly and fair to all residents, particularly poor, minority, and Indigenous communities -- known as environmental-justice communities.

  • Fight construction of fossil fuel infrastructure, such as oil and gas pipelines, natural-gas compression plants, fossil-fueled "peaker" power plants, and biomass electric generation.  

  • Promote disinvestment in fossil-fuel infrastructure by banks and other corporations, educational institutions, and individuals.

  • Promote efforts to electrify everything, including transportation and buildings.

How We Work

  • Engage in campaigns and events through sign-ons, sponsorships, and collaboration with other like-minded organizations.

  • Take direct action through public "stand-outs," rallies, and demonstrations.

  • Lobby legislators through phone, email, social media, and in-person meetings.

  • Advance public understanding of the climate emergency through editorials and letters-to-the-editor, social media, public speaking, rallies, and more.

  • Submit comments in national, state, and local legislative hearings.

Together We Resist, We Build, We Rise! 

 Media Contact:

Ken McDonnell






WHY 350? 

350 parts per million (ppm) of Carbon Dioxide is the maximum greenhouse gas concentration in the atmosphere that gives us a chance to avoid catastrophic, runaway climate change. 

When the industrial revolution began in 1750, the concentration was less than 280 ppm; as of March 2017, it's 407 ppm. 

It needs to be brought down below the 350 target without delay.