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Banking and Credit Card Resources

Find a New Credit Card


Find a New Bank

Any local bank or credit union is a better choice than a mega-bank. Local banks use their funds to support local economic activity. Many mega-banks invest in fossil fuel companies and are at the center of Wall Street schemes that prop up the failing fossil fuel industry.


For good online bank and credit-card choices, our friends at Climate Action Now in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts make these recommendations:

National Cooperative Bank

Walden Mutual Bank

Clean Energy Credit Union


Move Your Money

Stop funding climate chaos!


Resources for Living a Greener, More Sustainable Life


Carbon Footprint Calculator by the Environmental Protection Agency  

Household Carbon Footprint Calendar by the Environmental Protection Agency

Financial Literacy: Saving Green by Being Green from Duquesne University

Green Eco Tips for Sustainable Living by Global Stewards

Sustainable Campus by UCLA Sustainability

Green Your Home by Green America

45 Sustainability Resources You Should Know by Purdue University

9 Ways to Make Your Home Greener by U.S. Green Building Council

Water-saving Resources

Start Saving by the Environmental Protection Agency

Simple Steps to Save Water by Energy Star

100 Ways to Save Water by the City of Wichita Falls

Water Saving Tips by

Conserving Water, One Drop at a Time by

100+ Ways to Conserve Water by Water Use It Wisely by Water Use It Wisely

Sustainable Landscaping and Gardening

10 Tips for Outdoor Water Conservation by Regional Water Providers Consortium

7 Tips for Saving Water in Your Landscape by American Society of Landscape Architects

Landscaping Water Conservation by

25 Ways to Conserve Water in Your Garden and Landscape by HGTV

Composting at Home by the Environmental Protection Agency
What to Plant by Environmental Protection Agency
Why Native Plants Matter by Audubon

Native Plant Finder by National Wildlife Foundation

Conservation Tips for Kids and Teens

10 Tips for Eco-Friendly Parenting by WebMD

The Ultimate Guide to Green Parenting by Parents

28 Ways Your Family Can Protect the Earth by Parents

Tips for Green Parenting by New Parent Support

Recycle This! By NASA Climate Kids


Be a Green Kid by KidsHealth


Green Tips by National Geographic Kids 


Games, Quizzes, and Videos About the Environment by Environmental Protection Agency


Learning and Teaching About the Environment by the Environmental Protection Agency


Kids Environment Kids Health by National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle by National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle Tips for Kids by

Simple Ways for Tweens and Teens to Go Green by Chicago Parent

15 Tips for Green Living in College by The Princeton Review

Recycling for Kids: Small Steps Toward a Better Future, by 1-800-Got-Junk

Environmental Education Virtual Field Trips for Nature Lovers

How to organize a student strike

How to support youth strikers

Ideas for organizing your workplace

Ideas for organizing your community





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