350 Central Mass is an all-volunteer climate-action organization.

Our home is Central Massachusetts, the heart of the Commonwealth. 

We work locally to build the grassroots movement to fight the climate crisis and transition to a just and sustainable future. 

All winter, we have continued our stand-outs to urge the Commonwealth to boldly address the climate emergency. We have stood out at busy intersections in Worcester, Shrewsbury, and Holden, with other communities to come. We urge Gov. Baker to sign landmark legislation to strengthen the state's climate policies.  

The text of the bill, S.9, An Act Creating a Next-generation Roadmap for Massachusetts Climate Policy, can be found here. 

Standing Against the Odds

What drives members of

350 Central Mass in the fight

against fossil fuels

Worcester Magazine

Oct. 26, 2020



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Our Priorities

Bill S.9: An Act Creating a Next-Generation Roadmap for Massachusetts Climate Policy


Joining in solidarity with many other Massachusetts climate activists, 350 Central Mass supports Bill S.9 (formerly S.2995) as a vital first step for addressing the climate crisis. Read our response to Gov. Baker's veto of this vital legislation.


Our members have contacted Gov. Baker urging him to sign it into law; as an organization, 350 Central Mass urges him to sign this bill.

We urge you to take a stand for the climate! Please contact your legislators and ask them to reject the amendments the Governor has proposed to S.9 that would weaken the bill, and for him to sign the bill NOW! 

Read the text of S.9 here.

Facing the Future:

Worcester’s Green Plan to Prepare for Climate Change


Worcester Magazine, Nov. 9, 2020


Paul Popinchalk, of 350 Central Mass, said, “In general, I’m very impressed with the Green Worcester Plan. It’s doing all the right things, just not fast enough. Climate change is happening now, not in the future. We cannot wait until 2045, we need this tomorrow. City officials can’t do this themselves, they can only enable us. We the people need to own this and respond now.”​

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Due to COVID, our meetings are being held online for now. All are welcome! To join us, contact Janet for details at janetqcason@verizon.net

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Ken McDonnell



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