Thursday, Oct. 22, 4:30 PM, Lincoln Square, Worcester

Join 350 Central Mass as we urge motorists to get involved in climate action at the local, state and national levels! We advocate for the Statehouse to pass a climate bill NOW and ban dirty biofueled power generation, for America to build a 100% renewable grid by 2035, electrify everything, and promote environmental justice for all. Because the climate crisis affects everyone, and we’re running out of time to save the planet.

Our Campaigns

Massachusetts residents looked out their windows recently and saw the smoky haze from the West Coast fires. That smoke, filled with the ashes of millions of trees, plants, animals, toxic chemicals, thousands of homes and vehicles, and some human lives, traveled 3,000 miles to send us a message. Will we listen?
For too many years, despite concerted advocacy from thousands of Bay Staters, our state legislature has failed to pass any significant legislation to deal with global warming caused by carbon emissions, mostly from burning fossil fuels. 

A Conference Committee of the state legislature is now debating whether and how Massachusetts will respond to the climate emergency, even as we face another declared “significant” drought, another hottest-year record, a record-hurricane year, and a pandemic that just won’t quit.  

We demand strong state legislation that would: 

  • Halt all new fossil fuel pipelines and other infrastructure;

  • Provide greater voice and resources to Environmental Justice communities (those with significant numbers of Black, Brown, immigrant and low-income residents) that have been overburdened with polluting gas infrastructure and carbon emissions, waste incineration, etc.;

  • Support effective energy conservation and efficiency projects and prioritize renters;

  • Rapidly electrify transportation and heating/cooling of buildings;

  • Rapidly convert the electrical grid to 100% renewable energy sources prioritizing wind and solar (no biomass);

  • Divest state pension funds from fossil fuel companies.


350 Central Mass urges you to ask your State Representative and State Senator to advocate for a strong bill from the Conference Committee.  

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Out of caution over Coronavirus, our meetings are being held online for now. To join us, contact Janet for details at

The world is coming together to fight Coronavirus. It can do the same for the climate crisis. Learn more at:

350 Central Mass is a volunteer-led climate-action organization. Our home is Central Massachusetts, the heart of the Commonwealth. We work locally to build the grassroots movement to fight the climate crisis and transition to a just and sustainable future. 

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